Additional warranty conditions for mattresses and top mattresses

We guarantee:

15-year warranty on all types of mattresses (bonnell, pocket, multipocket and springless mattresses)

5-year warranty on children’s mattresses and top mattresses

Warranty covers:

l defects in materials

l manufacturing defects

In order to benefit from the warranty, it is necessary to:

contact the seller’s representative/shop.

lshow proof of purchase

submit a free-form application describing the defect, accompanied by a photo and/or video


the mattress must be in a hygienic and sanitary condition, without visible stains or dirt

the guarantee applies to mattresses free from mechanical damage and signs of self-damage

the seller (manufacturer) shall not replace the goods during mattress examination and warranty repair

lthe additional guarantee is valid if the mattress bears a label/mark with the mattress designation

The warranty does not cover:

lnormal wear and tear

lmechanical damage caused by external influences

damage (scratches, cuts, snags, flakes, stains and dirt)

creases, unevenness, folds which appear after the load is removed (when standing up from the mattress) and disappear after smoothing by hand

mattress compression (indentation on the surface) of less than 30 mm in the areas of regular loading (sleeping area)

the adaptation of the shape of the mattress to the shape of the base on which it is operated

the decorative elements of the mattress

the mattress not conforming to subjective preferences in terms of comfort and softness/hardness

changes in the colour of the polyurethane foam from white/coloured to yellow (up to light brown). To clarify, these natural visual changes are affected by UV light, humidity levels and do not affect the properties of the mattress

mattress size tolerances: ±15 mm in width/length, ±18 mm in height

The warranty is void if:

the product has been stored outdoors or in conditions of high humidity

the product has been improperly stored or installed, misused or improperly used, altered or modified in any way, or the cleaning and care instructions below have not been followed

Care instructions for the mattress

Read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to care for the product and consult the seller for more advice on how to use the mattress throughout its lifetime.

Proper mattress care will help keep your mattress in good condition and extend its life.


The mattress is designed for sleeping. Do not jump on the mattress, walk on the mattress or subject it to strong shocks.

It may take 3 days to a month to get used to the new mattress.

Mattresses wrapped in rolls regain their shape within 12-24 hours.

It is recommended to air the mattress for at least 48 hours after removal from the packaging (the factory scent can last up to 14 days). To air the mattress faster: remove bed linen and covers after rest, leave the mattress in a ventilated room for a day, turn the mattress regularly (once every 3-4 days), vacuum the mattress on each side.

Do not use the mattress on a soft surface. The mattress assumes the shape of the base on which it is used. If the base has curves or recesses, the mattress will take these, creating a hammock effect.

The base of the mattress shall be firm and flat or have upward curving slats, spaced not more than 45 mm apart.

We recommend that the mattress is turned over regularly (every three months for head to foot mattresses and every six months for two-sided mattresses). In the first few months we recommend doing this more often. This ensures that the filling is properly aligned and keeps the mattress flat.

Avoid getting the mattress wet

Protect the mattress. A top mattress protector provides effective protection and prolongs the life of the mattress.

The main care required is airing and vacuuming. The mattress must not be kicked.

Stains should be removed with special products. The removable covers can be washed by hand or in a washing machine at up to 30°C (make sure the cover is sealed when washing).

The mattress must be transported and stored horizontally on a flat surface and no objects must be placed on top of it.

It is important that the bed is the same size as the mattress, not smaller

Never fold, compress or squeeze spring mattresses or coir mattresses/top mattresses. Only springless mattresses based on polyurethane foam or latex, which do not contain coir, may be rolled or folded.

The mattress and packaging shall be free of substances hazardous to humans and the environment and may be disposed of as household waste at the end of its useful life.